Celebrity Sweating

Famous Sweating R’ Us (About Celebrity Sweating)

Hey there!

Glad to see that there are some others out there with weird interests too!
Well, it’s really not that weird… Who doesn’t like to see those who are propped up, so far up, sweat a little? And come down to Earth a little? And perhaps slip into our arms?
Eh, maybe not the last one, but sometimes…

We happen to know as a fact that a lot of these celebrities suffer from excessive sweating and it’s frankly our job to report on them and their adventures to offer those who have hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating a relief and a point of reference. No one’s perfect, especially celebrites and we’d like to expose that fact as much as possible (sweating related of course)

So to possibly start the trend of really, really niche blogs, we offer you “Celebrity Sweating.” We hope you enjoy our weird little blog, we think famous people sweating a little too much, whether on purpose or not, is frankly, charming and often times, hilarious…

Overly idolized human beings with huge egos perspiring to the extreme, with a touch of celebrity gossip, an infinite amount of sweating metaphors and a whole lot more is what Celebrity Sweating delivers.

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